Fresh restaurants Toronto

Are you tired of Freshii? Yeah… Me too. If you’re not familiar already let me introduce you to fresh restaurants.

Fresh is the source of modern plant-based food! They offer a full line of organic coldpressed juices cocktails and a full plant-based menu that satisfying and delicious! Every single day fresh restaurants make their food in the house from whole and natural ingredients!

They have locations in: here Ontario St., Leslie Ville, floor, Spadina, Crawford, Eglinton, front, Queensway, Leaside, and Mississauga!

Let’s get to the food!

There are four different menu so you can find on their website. Toronto, Toronto gluten allergy friendly, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles gluten allergy friendly. As most of You are from Toronto, i’m fresh was originated in Toronto I’m going to bring you through with the Toronto menu!


Most of their starters are shareable. You can find things such as superfood soup, crispy dumplings, hummus, sweet potato fries, nachos, and quinoa onion rings!

Toast and flatbreads:

You’re really into bread (like me) then you’ll be happy to know that they offer specific bread options such as smashed avocado toast, sausage and pepper flatbread, and chard green some feta flatbread! They also offer crispy cauliflower tacos and squash tacos!


In your burger section you can find things like your chipotle bacon burger (vegan of course), Beyond cheeseburger, and barbeque burger!


And my absolute favourite Section, bowls! Oh my goodness I cannot rave more about the beautiful fresh! Honestly the best but I’ve ever had in my entire life! Get it! But if it’s not your style there’s also other bowls like the protein bowl, gospel, and Buddha bowl,

Check them out at their

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