lettuce love

For all of you vegans west of Toronto you probably have heard of lettuce love! Let me start by saying this is one of my favourite Clean eating spots As a vegan. If you need a stronger picture of how much I love Lettuce love, Me and my friend rode our questionably solid bikes for two hours from Mississauga to Burlington to stop at lettuce love!

lettuce love has two locations both on the West End of Toronto.

The first location is in Oakville, 326 Kerr St.

The second location is in Burlington, 399 John Street.

Both locations are closed on Monday but open every other day of the week!

Now, let’s get to the menu!

Soups, chilli and sharing:

The first part of their menu you can find things like vegetable soup chilli and then the more greasy stuff like nachos avocado fries and potato wedges!


For your clean eaters out there you’re in luck. They have a beauty salad a mega salad and a Caesar salad for you! They also have a bunch of bowls and if I can recommend one thing to eat here it would be the bowls. Here you can find your typical Buddha bowls, burrito bowls, felafel bowls, and much more!

Sandwiches and burgers:

Don’t worry if you’re not a solid person there are plenty of sandwiches to go around at lettuce love. You can find a vegan grilled cheese barbeque jackfruit, a California burger, sweet potato burger, and a big batch

Now, lettuce love also has a smoothie bar attached to it and this is my favourite part of the whole entire restaurant it’s called pure love smoothie bar!

Smoothie bar:

If I recommend you try any of these smoothies I recommend the yoga Bliss colada! But you can also find many different flavourings such as the chai spice movie, the blue goddess, your typical strawberry banana, and a pure chocolate love!

And don’t worry you definitely have your smoothie bowls here with the options of a jungle bowl, Açaí bowl, and a blue wave bowl!

To access their website to find out more about the menu and what’s recommended visit lettucelovecafe.com

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