My name’s Chloe – Welcome to my blog

When you think of a vegan diet what do you think of? You may think it’s restrictive or difficult. You may even go so far to describe vegan meals as rabbit food and incredibly unappetizing to you. But what if I told you everything  you know about vegan food is wrong? That it’s incredibly delicious, super simple and easy to make, and only as restrictive as you make it?

I grew up in a house with my parents and two sisters, and yes we all ate meat. It wasn’t until my younger sister decided one afternoon that she wanted to become vegetarian that I even thought to consider a different way of eating. That was 10 years ago and it marks my slow but effective transition to veganism. It started with cutting out red meat, then a few years later all meat, then fish, then eggs and dairy and now I’m proud to say I’ve just passed my 1 year anniversary of becoming vegan.

As supportive as my family is of my diet, I am the only one who switched to a fully plant-based diet. And as much as I wish I could convince them to consider this alternative way of eating, it’s come with one amazing aspect — I’ve become a damn good vegan cook. That’s right…. catering my vegan dishes to people who are used to flavours from animal products has forced me to think outside of the box and vegan-ize meat-dominated recipes.