lettuce love

For all of you vegans west of Toronto you probably have heard of lettuce love! Let me start by saying this is one of my favourite Clean eating spots As a vegan. If you need a stronger picture of how much I love Lettuce love, Me and my friend rode our questionably solid bikes for […]

Fresh restaurants Toronto

Are you tired of Freshii? Yeah… Me too. If you’re not familiar already let me introduce you to fresh restaurants. Fresh is the source of modern plant-based food! They offer a full line of organic coldpressed juices cocktails and a full plant-based menu that satisfying and delicious! Every single day fresh restaurants make their food […]

Tenon vegan sushi

For many of us who have made the transition to being vegan, one of the hardest foods to give up was sushi. Sure, we can… Make our own with cucumber, avocado or yam but the flavouring isn’t quite the same and I for one have been missing sushi immensely. That’s why I was so excited […]

Vegan BLT’s

I have to be honest with you. One of the reasons it was so hard for me to switch to a vegan lifestyle is breakfast foods. I mean right?!!! Breakfast can be a very challanging meal for someone who is new to plant-based foods. I mean sure…. we have smoothies, oatmeal, toast etc., but lets […]

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