Tenon vegan sushi

For many of us who have made the transition to being vegan, one of the hardest foods to give up was sushi. Sure, we can… Make our own with cucumber, avocado or yam but the flavouring isn’t quite the same and I for one have been missing sushi immensely.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about tenon vegan sushi in Markham. Tenon vegan sushi is located at 487 Bloor St., W. Toronto Ontario. It has a sister restaurant, the original, in Markham Ontario right outside Toronto. Both restaurants strive to serve authentic begin Japanese cuisine and I also add Thai fusion vegan dishes to the menu to provide as many choices as possible for the Beacon consumers.

As if the restaurant was made for me, their goal is to make it easier for people to transition to a vegan diet and boy do I wish I had this restaurant when I was transitioning.

Now let’s get to the menu I know that’s why you’re all here:


Their appetizer menu is no joke. You can find the normal stuff like edamame but then you can also find things with the fake chicken on a skewer soy beef on a skewer sushi pizza soy shrimp tempura, deep fried tofu, and more!

Japanese style:

They have their own Japanese style section of the menu. Whoever you can find sweet yam tempura roll, California roll, deep fried soy crab meat with barbeque sauce roll, spicy broccoli roll and more!

Special Rolls:

now this is where it gets good! You can find rolls like the caterpillar roll which has cucumber, housemaid vegan meat, avocado and barbeque sauce. You can also find things like dynamite roll, the green dragon roll, king mushroom special roll, king dragon roll, and more!

Thai dishes:

Thai dishes you can find things likeThe basil eggplant tofu dish, yellow curry soy dish, green curry mix vegetable dish, red curry vegan duck dish, house special duck, And more!


You can also find things like soups, noodles and rice dishes, à la cart menu items, sushi combos, and drinks.

This restaurant has been all the rage in the vegan communities. Now I follow a lot of vegan groups on Facebook and Instagram and this is one of the most talked about restaurants over the last few weeks.

If you’ve been missing sushi just as much as I have, give this restaurant a try!

Find their website here: https://www.tenonvegetariancuisine.comhttps://www.tenonvegetariancuisine.com